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[Subject: Economics]

- Sviluppo economico, in genere valutato su base annua, reso evidente da un incremento dell'occupazione, dei consumi, del capitale, della produzione

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 55 languages

en English economic growth   View Word  - 6675113
es Spanish crecimiento económico   View Word  - 6675120
fr French croissance économique; croissance   View Word  - 6675146
de German Witschaftswachstum   View Word  - 6677094
ru Russian экономическое развитие; рост экономики   View Word  - 6675209
zh Chinese 经济增长   View Word  - 6675604
af Afrikaans ekonomiese groei   View Word  - 6675258
ao Aragones creximiento economico   View Word  - 6675286
eu Basque ekonomia-hazkunde; hazkunde ekonomiko   View Word  - 6675155
bl Bolognese carsmóggna di góbbi   View Word  - 6680123
bp Brazilian Portuguese crescimento econômico   View Word  - 6675194
bc Bresciano crescita economica   View Word  - 6689581
br Breton kresk armerzhel; kresk an armerzh   View Word  - 6675199
hr Croatian gospodarski rast   View Word  - 6675260
cs Czech hospodářský růst; ekonomický růst   View Word  - 6680090
da Danish økonomisk vækst   View Word  - 6680209
nl Dutch economische groei   View Word  - 6675139
eo Esperanto ekonomia kresko   View Word  - 6675159
et Estonian majanduskasv   View Word  - 6675411
fi Finnish taloudellinen kasvu   View Word  - 7187493
fu Furlan cresince economiche   View Word  - 6680612
gl Galician crecemento económico   View Word  - 6676127
el Greek οικονομική ανάπτυξη   View Word  - 6675297
gr Griko Salentino azzèni ekonomiko   View Word  - 6681608
he Hebrew גידול כלכלי   View Word  - 6675206
hu Hungarian gazdasági növekedés   View Word  - 6675211
in Indonesian pertumbuhan ekonomi   View Word  - 7187491
ja Japanese 経済成長   View Word  - 7187494
ld Judeo-spanish puja ekonomika   View Word  - 6680790
ko Korean 경제 성장   View Word  - 6675172
la Latin incrementum oeconomicum   View Word  - 6675263
lv Latvian tautsaimniecības attīstība   View Word  - 6676201
le Leonese crecimientu económicu   View Word  - 6675163
ms Malay pertumbuhan ekonomi   View Word  - 7187492
md Mudnés crèscita econòmica   View Word  - 6680213
nc Napulitano crescenza economeca   View Word  - 6679408
no Norwegian Bokmål økonomisk vekst   View Word  - 7187495
nn Norwegian Nynorsk økonomisk vekst   View Word  - 7187496
pd Paduan cressita economica   View Word  - 6677036
pp Papiamentu kresementu ekonómiko   View Word  - 6675215
fa Persian رشد اقتصادی   View Word  - 6680421
pl Polish wzrost gospodarczy   View Word  - 6685505
pt Portuguese crescimento económico   View Word  - 6675143
pe Praiese crscita economica   View Word  - 6675262
ro Romanian creștere economică   View Word  - 6675537
sr Serbian економски раст; пораст економије   View Word  - 6676047
sk Slovak hospodársky rast   View Word  - 6680930
sv Swedish ekonomisk tillväxt   View Word  - 7187497
zt Traditional Chinese 經濟增長   View Word  - 6680511
tr Turkish ekonomik büyüme   View Word  - 6675833
ve Venetian crésita econòmica   View Word  - 6680153
vi Vietnamese tăng trưởng kinh tế   View Word  - 7187490
cy Welsh twf economaidd; twf yr economi   View Word  - 6675198
ze Zeneize crescio econòmico   View Word  - 6675464

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 7 languages

[Subject: Financial Economics]


Translated in 7 languages

[Subject: Medical Sciences, Medicine]

Translated by: FIAMMA MACRÌ

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Biology]

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Botany]

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 3 languages

en English growth   View Word  - 6464944
fr French pousse   View Word  - 6464937

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