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[Subject: Generalities]

- To cause or permit a part of the body, esp. the hand or fingers to come in contact with so as to feel

Translated in 57 languages

it Italian toccare   View Word  - 5154981
es Spanish tocar; rozar; palpar   View Word  - 5685980
fr French toucher   View Word  - 5311570 172037.wav
de German berühren; anfassen; streifen   View Word  - 5686155
ru Russian трогать   View Word  - 5685992
af Afrikaans raak   View Word  - 5687842
ao Aragones toquitiar; amorosiar   View Word  - 5689166
bl Bolognese tuchèr   View Word  - 5192898
bp Brazilian Portuguese tacto   View Word  - 5694164
br Breton stokañ; stekiñ; touchañ; touchiñ; touch   View Word  - 5686357
bg Bulgarian докосвам   View Word  - 5686638
cb Calabrese tuccà   View Word  - 5686831
ca Catalan tocar   View Word  - 5686278
hr Croatian ticati   View Word  - 5686590
cs Czech dotknout se   View Word  - 2542815
da Danish berøre   View Word  - 680657
nl Dutch (aan)raken; beroeren   View Word  - 5687708
eo Esperanto tuŝi; atingi; palpi   View Word  - 5154868
et Estonian puutuma; puudutama   View Word  - 5665099
fi Finnish koskea; koskettaa   View Word  - 5686717
fu Furlan tocjâ   View Word  - 5685994
gl Galician tocar   View Word  - 5687195
el Greek αγγίζω   View Word  - 5357041
gr Griko Salentino na 'nghìsi   View Word  - 5690030
gu Gujarati અડકવું   View Word  - 5479026
hi Hindi छूना   View Word  - 5479024
hu Hungarian (meg)érint   View Word  - 5686693
ja Japanese 触る   View Word  - 5659755
la Latin tangere; contingere; attingere; contaminare; contingere   View Word  - 4901573
lv Latvian pieskaršanās   View Word  - 5690463
lb Limburgian aonraoke; raoke; riere   View Word  - 5687705
lx Luxembourgish breéieren   View Word  - 6353898
mt Maltese tmiss   View Word  - 5686698
mp Mapunzugun nünütun; tuntukun   View Word  - 5686411
mr Marathi स्पर्श होणें   View Word  - 5479027
nc Napulitano tuccà; manià; tastià   View Word  - 5686315
fa Persian لمس کردن   View Word  - 5155133
pi Piemontese toché   View Word  - 5686652
pj Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjatjara pampuni   View Word  - 6570603
pl Polish dotykać; ruszać; trącać; wzruszać   View Word  - 5115342
pt Portuguese tocar   View Word  - 2542824
pa Punjabi ਛੂਨਾ   View Word  - 5199746
qu Quechua chamkay   View Word  - 6387320
er Romagnolo tuchè   View Word  - 5560432
ro Romanian atinge   View Word  - 5591850
sa Sanskrit स्पर्श्   View Word  - 5479030
gd Scots Gaelic bean   View Word  - 6684191
sr Serbian додир   View Word  - 5692318
sk Slovak dotknúť sa   View Word  - 5686250
sv Swedish röra, beröra; snudda; nudda; ta i; ta på; toucha   View Word  - 816630
tr Turkish dokunmak; temas etmek   View Word  - 5138480
va Valencian tocar   View Word  - 5686459
wa Wallon aduzer   View Word  - 5688226
cy Welsh cyffwrdd; twtsio; twstsied   View Word  - 5686356
ji Yiddish onrirn; ontapn   View Word  - 5687674
ze Zeneize toccâ   View Word  - 5687378

[Subject: Generalities]

- To bring about an emotive response through words or gestures


Translated in 19 languages

- One of the five senses, through which it is possible to feel and explore the surface of objects

Translated by: MASSIMO PANZA

Translated in 13 languages

- perceive by the sense of touch.

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 10 languages

[Subject: Music]

- A manner or technique of striking the keys of a keyboard instrument


Translated in 5 languages

- To obtain a loan or gift from


Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Music]

- The manner or nicety of producing tone on a keyed instrument

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 3 languages

it Italian cavata   View Word  - 4911951
er Romagnolo caveda   View Word  - 5430966

[Subject: Athletic & Outdoor Sports & Games]

- Either side of the field outside the bounds


Translated in 2 languages

[Subject: Idiomatic Expressions]

- Reach (a specified level or amount)


Translated in 1 languages


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