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[Subject: Generalities]


Translated in 101 languages

en English merry-go-round; roundabout; carousel   View Word  - 4807982 2200974.wav
it Italian giostra; carosello   View Word  - 370072 370072_n.wav
es Spanish tiovivo; carrousel; calesitas   View Word  - 4810021 4810021_n.wav
fr French manège   View Word  - 4839671 4839671_n.wav
de German Karussell   View Word  - 563410 563410_n.wav
ru Russian карусель   View Word  - 4807962 4807962_n.wav
ar Arabic لعبة الحصان الخشبي   View Word  - 4900266 4900266_n.wav
zh Chinese 旋转木马   View Word  - 4882539 4882539_n.wav
af Afrikaans mallemeule   View Word  - 5393613 5393613_n.wav
sq Albanian karusel   View Word  - 4891353
ao Aragones caballez   View Word  - 4916918
at Asturian tiovivu   View Word  - 5069620
ay Aymara wawa muyuyiri   View Word  - 6022496 6022496_n.wav
az Azeri (latin Script) karusel   View Word  - 6883488
ba Bashkir карусель   View Word  - 7143366
eu Basque zaldiko-maldiko   View Word  - 4891355
bl Bolognese giòstra   View Word  - 5121147 5121147_n.wav
bp Brazilian Portuguese carrossel   View Word  - 4897181 4897181_n.wav
bc Bresciano giostra   View Word  - 5267712 5267712_n.wav
br Breton kezeg-mezevenn   View Word  - 5197482
bg Bulgarian въртележка   View Word  - 5307614
cb Calabrese giostra   View Word  - 5033324
ca Catalan cavallets   View Word  - 4891368
ce Chechen бинжолаг   View Word  - 7147677
cr Cree ᐙᓴᑳᐸᔨᐢ   View Word  - 7155487
cm Crimean Tatar atlı qarınca   View Word  - 7147678
hr Croatian vrtuljak   View Word  - 4868810 4868810_n.wav
cs Czech kolotoč   View Word  - 4891364 4891364_n.wav
da Danish karrusel   View Word  - 563404 563404_n.wav
nl Dutch draaimolen   View Word  - 4891366 4891366_n.wav
dt Dzoratâi carrouset; manèdzo   View Word  - 5198520
eo Esperanto karuselo   View Word  - 4158959
et Estonian karussell   View Word  - 5130683 5130683_n.wav
fi Finnish karuselli   View Word  - 4878208 4878208_n.wav
fl Flemish draaimolen   View Word  - 4913921 4913921_n.wav
fy Frisian draaimole   View Word  - 5128382
fu Furlan ringhispil   View Word  - 4891362
gl Galician carrusel   View Word  - 5069911
el Greek αλογάκι λούνα παρκ   View Word  - 5028187 5028187_n.wav
kl Greenlandic karruselli   View Word  - 7138326
gr Griko Salentino pézo   View Word  - 5838023
gu Gujarati હિંડોળો   View Word  - 5379027
he Hebrew סחרחרת   View Word  - 5107979
hi Hindi हिंडोला; मॅरी-गो-राउंड   View Word  - 4948582 4948582_n.wav
hu Hungarian körhinta; ringlispíl   View Word  - 5770251 5770251_n.wav
is Icelandic hringekja   View Word  - 5007197
in Indonesian pacuan kuda   View Word  - 4891372
ga Irish áilleagán intreach   View Word  - 5007193
ja Japanese 回転木馬; メリーゴーラウンド   View Word  - 4810104 4810104_n.wav
ld Judeo-spanish karusel   View Word  - 5222190
kk Kazakh карусель   View Word  - 7157684
ky Kirghiz карусель   View Word  - 7157068
ko Korean 회전목마   View Word  - 4946034 4946034_n.wav
kj Kurdish Kurmanji sarsarok   View Word  - 5385335
lc Ladin carossel   View Word  - 5183087
la Latin ludicer orbis versatilis   View Word  - 5784366
le Leonese tiuvivu   View Word  - 5101079
lb Limburgian karresel; kannepee; sjipke   View Word  - 4971352
lm Lombardo Occidentale giostra   View Word  - 5100630
mg Malagasy soavaly hazo   View Word  - 5443047 5443048_n.wav
mt Maltese dawra durella   View Word  - 5060229
mv Mantuan giòstra   View Word  - 5101688
mr Marathi झोंपाळा   View Word  - 5379029
mq Mirandolese giostra   View Word  - 6788082
mn Mongolian модон морин тойруулга   View Word  - 5122958
md Mudnés giostra   View Word  - 4890326
nc Napulitano iósta   View Word  - 5102304
no Norwegian Bokmål karusell   View Word  - 4891370
or Oriya ଚକ୍ରଦୋଳି   View Word  - 7134657
pp Papiamentu kabaitu   View Word  - 4891374 4891374_n.wav
pm Parmigiano sostra   View Word  - 5066060
fa Persian چرخ فلک   View Word  - 4808025 4808025_n.wav
pi Piemontese giòstra   View Word  - 4903725
pl Polish karuzela   View Word  - 4645482 4645482_n.wav
pt Portuguese carrossel   View Word  - 370075
pa Punjabi ਹਂਡੋਲਾ   View Word  - 5379030
qu Quechua phirutu   View Word  - 5191076 5191076_n.wav
rg Reggiano giòstra   View Word  - 5038306
er Romagnolo zòstra   View Word  - 4876390
ro Romanian căluşei; carusel   View Word  - 4818496 4818496_n.wav
sa Sanskrit हिंदोलकः   View Word  - 5379032
ls Sardinian (limba Sarda Unificada) zostra   View Word  - 5101403
sr Serbian рингишпил   View Word  - 4824730 4824730_n.wav
sc Sicilian giostra   View Word  - 5055047
sl Slovenian vrtiljak   View Word  - 4891357
sv Swedish karusell   View Word  - 4871268 4871268_n.wav
gs Swiss German Karrussell   View Word  - 4902374
tt Tatar карусель   View Word  - 7147679
th Thai ม้าหมุน   View Word  - 4997811 4997811_n.wav
zt Traditional Chinese 旋轉木馬   View Word  - 4808067 4808067_n.wav
tb Triestino giostra   View Word  - 5264475
tr Turkish atlıkarınca   View Word  - 5099678 5099678_n.wav
tk Turkmen karusel   View Word  - 7147680
uk Ukrainian метушня   View Word  - 4889308
va Valencian cavallets   View Word  - 5112757
vs Viestano t'zzuch'   View Word  - 5121379
vi Vietnamese trò kéo quân   View Word  - 6875160
wa Wallon toûrnikèt   View Word  - 4913922
cy Welsh ceffylau bach; chwirligwgan; chwyrligwgan   View Word  - 5008670
ze Zeneize giòstra   View Word  - 5095544

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