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- adapter quelque chose en tenant compte de la situation, de la personnalité de chacun.

Translated by: JEULAND LOUIS

  • Etymology: vient du substantif 'personne'.

Translated in 43 languages

en English customise   View Word  - 6786679
it Italian personalizzare; individualizzare   View Word  - 6786652
es Spanish personalizar   View Word  - 6786661
de German personalisieren; anpassen   View Word  - 6795970
ru Russian переделывать; специализировать; подгонять под заказ; индивидуализировать   View Word  - 6786705
af Afrikaans pasmaak; personaliseer   View Word  - 6786728
eu Basque pertsonalizatu; neurrira egn   View Word  - 6786761
bl Bolognese ajustèrsla   View Word  - 6791189
bp Brazilian Portuguese personalizar; customizar   View Word  - 6786701
br Breton personelañ   View Word  - 6786807
co Corsican persunalizà   View Word  - 6786844
hr Croatian prilagoditi   View Word  - 6786751
cs Czech přizpůsobit; upravit   View Word  - 6790615
da Danish brugertilpasse; skræddersy; personalisere   View Word  - 6791130
nl Dutch personaliseren   View Word  - 6786712
eo Esperanto personecigi   View Word  - 6786721
fi Finnish räätälöidä; personalisoida   View Word  - 6786757
gl Galician personalizar   View Word  - 6790452
he Hebrew להתאים אישית   View Word  - 6786709
hu Hungarian testreszab   View Word  - 6788655
in Indonesian menyesuaikan; perubahan   View Word  - 7184770
ja Japanese カスタマイズする   View Word  - 6786873
ld Judeo-spanish personalizar   View Word  - 6791096
ko Korean 주문대로 만들다   View Word  - 6786711
la Latin proprium reddere   View Word  - 6786720
lv Latvian personalizēt; izpildīt pēc pasūtījuma   View Word  - 6789474
le Leonese personalizare   View Word  - 6786718
md Mudnés fêr cum'agh piês a quelchidûn   View Word  - 6790988
no Norwegian Bokmål spesiallage; tilpasse   View Word  - 7184771
pd Paduan personaixare   View Word  - 6793797
pp Papiamentu personalisá   View Word  - 6786736
pl Polish zindywidualizować, wykonać na miarę   View Word  - 6790655
pt Portuguese personalizar   View Word  - 6790054
pe Praiese personalizzà   View Word  - 6787155
ro Romanian ajusta; fabrica la comandă; fabrica pe măsură   View Word  - 6786730
lg Sardinian Logudoresu personalizzare; individualizzare   View Word  - 6787118
sr Serbian прилагодити; направити по наруџбини; подесити   View Word  - 6789214
sv Swedish göra på beställning; skräddarsy; specialtillverka; specialbeställa   View Word  - 6786731
zt Traditional Chinese 自訂; 定製   View Word  - 6790554
tr Turkish uyarlamak; kişinin isteğine göre hazırlamak   View Word  - 6787696
ve Venetian personałizar; tajar su mixura; far su mixura; giustar su mixura   View Word  - 6797845
cy Welsh addasu ar gyfer rhywun; personoleiddio   View Word  - 6786804

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Translated in 5 languages

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