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[Subject: Telephone & Portable Telephone]

- Scoltar e registrar quel che disi qualchedun altro per telefono, senza che'l sapi. Se lo fa un privato xe reato grave, se lo fa i carabù xe investigazion. Vox populi: "... ma tanto no lo vegnerà mai a saver nissun fora che ti, mi e'l brigadier che sta scoltando..."

Translated by: ALOIS ANSLOVAR

  • Synonym of: intercetazion telefonica

Translated in 62 languages

en English wire-tap; tap   View Word  - 6182938
it Italian intercettazione telefonica; intercettazione   View Word  - 6182915
es Spanish intervención de línea telefónica   View Word  - 6183114
fr French écoute téléphonique   View Word  - 6183140
de German die Leitung anzapfen; die Leitung abhören; die Verbindung abhören   View Word  - 6408839
ru Russian телефонное подслушивание   View Word  - 6509388
ar Arabic تنصت هاتفي   View Word  - 6183157
zh Chinese 窃听电话   View Word  - 6185532
af Afrikaans meeluistering   View Word  - 6185163
ao Aragones interbenzión de linia telefonica   View Word  - 6196810
eu Basque telefono-interbentzio   View Word  - 6183605
bl Bolognese intercetaziån telefònica   View Word  - 6183465
bp Brazilian Portuguese escuta telefônica   View Word  - 6184176
bc Bresciano scultà al telefono   View Word  - 6197294
br Breton selaou pellgomz   View Word  - 6411177
cb Calabrese intercettazziuni telefonica   View Word  - 6183179
ca Catalan intervenció telefònica; escolta telefònica; escolta   View Word  - 6408122
ci Catanese ´ntircittazzioni ppi telefunu   View Word  - 6186071
cz Catanzarese intercettaziona telehonica   View Word  - 6410849
ct Cosentino intercettaziune telefonica   View Word  - 6890688
hr Croatian prisluškivanje telefona   View Word  - 6183211
cs Czech odposlech; odposlouchávání; odposlech telefonických hovorů; odposlouchávání telefonických hovorů   View Word  - 6187472
da Danish telefonaflytning   View Word  - 6202753
nl Dutch telefoontap   View Word  - 6183151
dt Dzoratâi achoutsâdzo pè lo tèlèfono   View Word  - 6898133
eo Esperanto telefona subaŭskulto   View Word  - 6183161
et Estonian telefoniliini pealtkuulamine   View Word  - 6408185
fu Furlan intecetazion telefoniche   View Word  - 6184027
gl Galician escoita telefónica   View Word  - 6189938
el Greek κοριός   View Word  - 6183600
gr Griko Salentino intercettaziùna telefonica   View Word  - 6197603
he Hebrew ציתות   View Word  - 6185512
hu Hungarian telefonlehallgatás   View Word  - 6183331
ja Japanese ワイアタッピング   View Word  - 6763636
ld Judeo-spanish eskulka telefonika   View Word  - 6194003
rw Kinyarwanda kumviriza telefoni   View Word  - 6196464
ko Korean 도청(하다)   View Word  - 6183158
la Latin interceptio telephonica   View Word  - 6184225
lv Latvian telefonsarunu noklausīšanās   View Word  - 6187410
le Leonese escucha telefónica   View Word  - 6408114
lt Lithuanian pasiklausymas   View Word  - 6183884
mp Mapunzugun kaxülgen ta müxüm zugun   View Word  - 6408115
md Mudnés intercettaziòun telefònica   View Word  - 6193480
nc Napulitano ntercettazzione telefonica   View Word  - 6183399
pd Paduan intercettassion teefonica   View Word  - 6183382
pp Papiamentu tap di telefòn   View Word  - 6184002
fa Persian کنترل مکاتبات   View Word  - 6183238
pl Polish podsłuch telefoniczny   View Word  - 6187395
pt Portuguese escuta telefónica   View Word  - 6183184
pe Praiese 'ntercettazziuni telefonica   View Word  - 6764092
ro Romanian ascultare telefonică   View Word  - 6184019
lg Sardinian Logudoresu intecettazionese telefonicasa   View Word  - 6185522
sk Slovak odpočúvanie telefónu   View Word  - 6184082
sv Swedish telefonavlyssning   View Word  - 6183141
zt Traditional Chinese 竊聽電話   View Word  - 6193964
tr Turkish telefon dinlenmesi; telekulak   View Word  - 6183868
um Umbro-sabino nttrecettasione su ru tilefunu   View Word  - 6184539
va Valencian intervencio de llinia telefonica   View Word  - 7030482
ve Venetian intercetazsion   View Word  - 6408152
cy Welsh tap ffôn   View Word  - 6183240
ze Zeneize interçettaçion telefònica   View Word  - 6408226

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