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- evento aŭ situacio el kiu originas eksplodo de la milito; ankaŭ preteksto por tia celo


  • Synonym of: militkazo
  • Error: militkauzo

Translated in 57 languages

en English casus belli   View Word  - 6279674
it Italian casus belli   View Word  - 6279679
es Spanish casus belli; motivo de guerra   View Word  - 6279682
fr French casus belli   View Word  - 6279754
de German Casus Belli; Kriegsfall; Kriegsgrund   View Word  - 6279705
ar Arabic سبب مباشر   View Word  - 6646472
zh Chinese 宣战的事件; 开战的原因   View Word  - 6279699
af Afrikaans casus belli   View Word  - 6281247
ao Aragones casus belli; motibo de guerra   View Word  - 6283062
eu Basque casus belli   View Word  - 6279716
bl Bolognese mutîv di scuntrómmbel   View Word  - 6994953
bp Brazilian Portuguese casus belli; motivo de guerra   View Word  - 6280641
bc Bresciano 'na rezù per tacà bega   View Word  - 6289793
br Breton abeg brezel   View Word  - 6280283
cb Calabrese casus belli   View Word  - 6279811
ci Catanese scaciuni   View Word  - 6282203
ct Cosentino casus belli   View Word  - 6279788
hr Croatian povod rata   View Word  - 6279775
cs Czech casus belli; důvod vyhlášení války   View Word  - 6283150
da Danish casus belli   View Word  - 6280858
nl Dutch casus belli   View Word  - 6279790
et Estonian casus belli   View Word  - 6284331
fi Finnish casus belli   View Word  - 6280291
fu Furlan casus belli; motîf di uere   View Word  - 6280008
gl Galician casus belli   View Word  - 6279743
el Greek casus belli αιτία πολέμου   View Word  - 6281745
he Hebrew עילה למילחמה   View Word  - 6279753
hu Hungarian casus belli; háborús ok   View Word  - 6280220
is Icelandic orsök stríðs   View Word  - 6281622
ld Judeo-spanish kasus belli; kavza de gerra   View Word  - 6281491
ko Korean 開戰의 이유 (가 되는 사건/사태)   View Word  - 6280960
la Latin casus belli   View Word  - 6279685
lv Latvian kara pamats   View Word  - 6280611
lh Leccese casus belli; motivu ti guerra   View Word  - 6281563
md Mudnés càusa èd 'na guêra   View Word  - 6281599
nc Napulitano casus belli; mutivo 'e uerra   View Word  - 6280608
pd Paduan casus belli   View Word  - 6280072
pp Papiamentu casus belli   View Word  - 6994134
fa Persian دلیل برای جنگ   View Word  - 6288112
pl Polish powód wojny; (oficjalna) przyczyna rozpoczęcia wojny   View Word  - 6281480
pt Portuguese casus belli   View Word  - 6280108
pe Praiese casus belli   View Word  - 6993103
qu Quechua imatapis tinkupaj mask'ay   View Word  - 6279996
ro Romanian casus belli; motiv de război   View Word  - 6279831
cd Sardinian Campidanesu casus belli; arrexoni de gherra   View Word  - 6288388
sr Serbian повод за рат   View Word  - 6282083
sc Sicilian mutìvu rì guèrra   View Word  - 6283479
sk Slovak casus belli   View Word  - 6288180
sv Swedish casus belli   View Word  - 6281858
zt Traditional Chinese 宣戰事件; 開戰理由   View Word  - 6288822
tb Triestino casus belli   View Word  - 6283426
tr Turkish savaş nedeni   View Word  - 6279794
um Umbro-sabino scusa de guera   View Word  - 6995114
va Valencian casus belli; motiu de guerra   View Word  - 6279770
vi Vietnamese nguyen nhan chien tranh   View Word  - 6279822
cy Welsh achos rhyfel   View Word  - 6279759

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