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- Very short space of time.


Translated in 72 languages

it Italian momento; istante; attimo   View Word  - 4345036
es Spanish momento; instante   View Word  - 5693622
fr French moment; instant   View Word  - 2053164
de German Augenblick   View Word  - 4504386
ru Russian момент   View Word  - 5435681
ar Arabic لحظة   View Word  - 1826958
zh Chinese 片刻; 瞬间   View Word  - 5467063
sq Albanian çast   View Word  - 4407288
ao Aragones inte   View Word  - 5919715
eu Basque une; momentu; instant   View Word  - 5919573
bl Bolognese mumänt; âtum   View Word  - 5920061
bp Brazilian Portuguese momento   View Word  - 4510504
br Breton momedig; serr-lagadig   View Word  - 5832496
bg Bulgarian момент   View Word  - 5919733
cb Calabrese attimu   View Word  - 4985404
km Cambodian ភ្លែត   View Word  - 6869534
ca Catalan moment   View Word  - 6577282
cn Cornish pols; pryjwyth   View Word  - 5923937
cs Czech okamžik; moment; chvíle; chvilka; chvilička   View Word  - 5922469
nl Dutch moment; ogenblik   View Word  - 5823838
dt Dzoratâi momeint; vouârba; vouerba; vouerbetta   View Word  - 5919709
eo Esperanto momento; minuto; sekundo   View Word  - 3852402
fi Finnish hetki   View Word  - 4384463
fl Flemish moment; ogenblik   View Word  - 5919680
fu Furlan moment   View Word  - 5919566
gl Galician momento; retrinco; chisco; intre; instante; miga; cacho   View Word  - 5919575
el Greek στιγμή   View Word  - 5923152
gn Guarani sapy’a   View Word  - 6144409
gu Gujarati સાયત   View Word  - 5762445
he Hebrew רגע   View Word  - 5921626
hi Hindi साइत   View Word  - 5762444
hu Hungarian pillanat   View Word  - 4213090
in Indonesian momen   View Word  - 4527665
ga Irish bomaite   View Word  - 4537086
ja Japanese 瞬間   View Word  - 7100541
ko Korean 순간, 찰나, 잠깐   View Word  - 5919582
kb Kunza lattu   View Word  - 6405530
la Latin temporis punctum; temporis momentum   View Word  - 5919602
lv Latvian mirklis   View Word  - 4545458
le Leonese intre   View Word  - 6502139
lb Limburgian momênt; tél   View Word  - 5919677
mt Maltese mument   View Word  - 5922403
mr Marathi पळ   View Word  - 5762446
mo Mokshan fav; moment   View Word  - 5919701
nc Napulitano mumento   View Word  - 5919768
no Norwegian Bokmål øyeblikk   View Word  - 4556904
fa Persian لحظه   View Word  - 4741313
pi Piemontese moment; àtim; instant   View Word  - 5135215
pl Polish moment; chwila   View Word  - 5339218
pt Portuguese momento   View Word  - 4561911
pa Punjabi ਸਾਇਤ   View Word  - 5762447
er Romagnolo mumént   View Word  - 5442327
ro Romanian moment   View Word  - 4566100
sj Sammarinese mumèint   View Word  - 5919662
sa Sanskrit होरा   View Word  - 5762448
cd Sardinian Campidanesu momentu; mamentu; ratu; scuta   View Word  - 5919750
lg Sardinian Logudoresu iscutta   View Word  - 5559223
sr Serbian моменат   View Word  - 4620173
tn Setswana tshoganetso   View Word  - 6230613
sc Sicilian mumentu   View Word  - 5920081
sk Slovak okamih   View Word  - 4398420
sv Swedish ögonblick   View Word  - 798861
tr Turkish an   View Word  - 4577402
uk Ukrainian мить; хвилина   View Word  - 5339211
um Umbro-sabino mumientu   View Word  - 5920053
ur Urdu لمحہ   View Word  - 5920098
va Valencian moment   View Word  - 5479116
ve Venetian atimo; moménto   View Word  - 4935360
wa Wallon momint   View Word  - 5919762
cy Welsh amrantiad; moment; eiliad; ennyd; chwinciad   View Word  - 5832495
zu Zulu isikhashana   View Word  - 6241072

[Subject: Chronology (Time)]

- The 60th part of a minute (of time). Historically based on the period of rotation of Earth, the standard day counts 86400 seconds. However its new definition based on a fixed number of periods of a wave of light emitted during the transition between two stable states of a reference atom, requires does not fit with the variability of the terrestrial rotation. Both definitions are synchronized in the UTC clock by adding or substracting 1 or 2 seconds to the last minute of a month, every 6 months or 1 year. these adjustments are unpredictable in the long term, and are announced one month before by the BIPM normalization body in Paris, by comparing the measures performed by different worldwide observatories. These adjustements allow the terrestrial clock to never differ by more than 0,9 second from the official UTC time used for official civil calendar applications. So some days in the official calendar count between 86398 and 86402 seconds. In scientific applications, where datation requires days of fixed duration, the UTC clock is not used, but is based on the fixed definition of the day by atomic clocks. These clocks differ from UTC by only an integral number of fixed seconds, depending only on the official date in UTC, so that conversion between them is easy. For scientific applications, the abbreviation in the SI system is "s". For civil applications related to official dates and hours, the second is abbreviated by a colon separating it from the count of minutes, or by double primes or apostrophes

Translated in 30 languages

[Subject: Personnel & Positions]

- To transfer to another post


Translated in 2 languages

it Italian comandare   View Word  - 6699936

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