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[Subject: Generalities]

- A particular point in space, especially one occupied by a person or thing

Translated in 74 languages

it Italian luogo; posto   View Word  - 4941349
es Spanish lugar   View Word  - 1094919
fr French lieu; endroit   View Word  - 4944418
de German Ort; Platz; Gegend   View Word  - 5682040
ru Russian место   View Word  - 5681320
ar Arabic مكان   View Word  - 6053044
af Afrikaans plek   View Word  - 5681432
ao Aragones puesto   View Word  - 5684546
eu Basque leku   View Word  - 5681356
bl Bolognese sît   View Word  - 5052720
bp Brazilian Portuguese lugar   View Word  - 5689167
br Breton lec'h   View Word  - 5681398
bg Bulgarian място   View Word  - 5681993
cb Calabrese puostu   View Word  - 5683452
ca Catalan lloc   View Word  - 5056397
hr Croatian mjesto   View Word  - 5681408
cs Czech místo   View Word  - 1094899
da Danish sted   View Word  - 1094902
nl Dutch plek; plaats; locatie   View Word  - 5056392
eo Esperanto loko; ejo; pozicio; situo   View Word  - 4010968
et Estonian koht   View Word  - 5609737
fe Ferrarese post   View Word  - 5056383
fi Finnish paikka; sijainti   View Word  - 1094904
fl Flemish plek   View Word  - 5056394
fu Furlan lûc; puest   View Word  - 5056390
gl Galician lugar   View Word  - 5682303
el Greek τόπος; μέρος   View Word  - 4943716
gr Griko Salentino topo, merèo   View Word  - 5686314
gn Guarani tenda   View Word  - 6108567
gu Gujarati સ્થાન; ઠામ   View Word  - 5147885
he Hebrew מקום   View Word  - 5192937
hi Hindi स्थान; ठांव   View Word  - 5144569
hu Hungarian hely   View Word  - 5681438
ga Irish áit   View Word  - 5383750
ld Judeo-spanish luguar   View Word  - 5192936
kb Kunza les'si   View Word  - 6405582
kj Kurdish Kurmanji cîh; shûn   View Word  - 5681528
ku Kurdish Sorani cêge; shwên   View Word  - 5681527
la Latin locus; statio   View Word  - 4941351
lv Latvian vieta   View Word  - 5685109
lb Limburgian plak; plaots   View Word  - 5681319
mt Maltese post   View Word  - 5682030
mx Manx ynnyd   View Word  - 5716025
mp Mapunzugun chewgen; mülewe   View Word  - 5681710
mr Marathi ठाव   View Word  - 5432838
nc Napulitano luoco; pizzo; puosto; sito; banna   View Word  - 5681831
ni Nissart luec   View Word  - 6273182
no Norwegian Bokmål sted   View Word  - 1094917
oc Occitan pòst   View Word  - 5056388
fa Persian جايگاه; جا   View Word  - 4941352
pi Piemontese leu; leugh; mira; pòst; sit   View Word  - 5680708
pj Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjatjara ngura   View Word  - 6457042
pl Polish miejsce   View Word  - 5052386
pt Portuguese lugar   View Word  - 5681418
pa Punjabi ਜਗਹ   View Word  - 5147886
rg Reggiano sit   View Word  - 5052717
er Romagnolo pòst   View Word  - 5579796
ro Romanian loc   View Word  - 4273426
sa Sanskrit स्थानं; वसतिः   View Word  - 5144570
cd Sardinian Campidanesu logu; giassu   View Word  - 5571020
gd Scots Gaelic àite   View Word  - 5383755
sr Serbian место   View Word  - 5684073
tn Setswana felo; golo   View Word  - 6232530
sc Sicilian postu   View Word  - 5056386
sk Slovak miesto   View Word  - 4941354
sv Swedish plats   View Word  - 1094927
tb Triestino logo   View Word  - 5684155
tr Turkish yer   View Word  - 5681469
va Valencian lloc   View Word  - 5681363
ve Venetian logo; liogo; posto   View Word  - 5005545
cy Welsh lle; man; llecyn; mangre   View Word  - 5383989
ji Yiddish ort; voynort; dire   View Word  - 5681986
ze Zeneize leugo   View Word  - 5683340

[Subject: Generalities]

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 58 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- To put in the appropriate place

Translated by: CHERBINO SONIA

Translated in 8 languages

[Subject: Relation Of Natural Factors]

- At one's place of residence; having returned to one's house. 1. In general, one would say of oneself "I'm home.", meaning "I'm now here at the house." 2a. Of another, usu. interrogatively, one would ask, "Is John home?", meaning "Is John here at his house?" 2b. Via telephone one would ask the same thing, but, in this case, one could also ask "Is John there?", meaning "Is John in/at the house in which you have just now answered the phone?" or "Is John present in/at the same house as you are at this moment?" In any case, one is simply requesting to speak with John and would first like to know if he is available.

Translated by: ISAAC SMITH

Translated in 6 languages

- A person's home


Translated in 4 languages

- To set down, e.g. 'He put his coat down on the table.'

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 3 languages

br Breton lakaat   View Word  - 6003571
cy Welsh gosod   View Word  - 6003570

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 2 languages

da Danish lægge   View Word  - 6467149

[Subject: Chemistry]

Translated in 2 languages

de German setzen   View Word  - 200893

- Put into a certain place or abstract location.


Translated in 1 languages


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