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[Subject: Physics]

- A net force acting on a body causes that body to accelerate; that is, to change its velocity. The concept appeared first in the second law of motion of classical mechanics

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 67 languages

it Italian forza; F   View Word  - 6005923
es Spanish fuerza; F   View Word  - 6005992
fr French force; F   View Word  - 6005993
de German Kraft; F   View Word  - 6006386
ru Russian сила   View Word  - 6006103
ar Arabic القوة   View Word  - 6005998
zh Chinese   View Word  - 6006450
af Afrikaans krag   View Word  - 6006091
ao Aragones fuerza; juerza   View Word  - 6006087
eu Basque indar   View Word  - 6005977
bl Bolognese fôrza   View Word  - 6006408
bp Brazilian Portuguese força   View Word  - 6008268
br Breton nerzh   View Word  - 6006043
cb Calabrese forza   View Word  - 6006000
ca Catalan força; F   View Word  - 7029936
ci Catanese fuozza   View Word  - 6006027
cn Cornish nerth; nell   View Word  - 6006645
co Corsican forza   View Word  - 6006414
ct Cosentino forza   View Word  - 6007147
hr Croatian sila   View Word  - 6006077
cs Czech síla   View Word  - 6007246
da Danish kraft   View Word  - 6005995
nl Dutch kracht   View Word  - 6006003
dt Dzoratâi fooce   View Word  - 6006056
eo Esperanto forto   View Word  - 6006033
et Estonian jõud   View Word  - 6008352
fi Finnish voima   View Word  - 6006089
fl Flemish kracht   View Word  - 6005974
fu Furlan fuarce; F   View Word  - 6006596
gl Galician forza   View Word  - 6006689
el Greek δύναμη; σθένος   View Word  - 6005988
gr Griko Salentino dinamìa   View Word  - 6007191
he Hebrew כח   View Word  - 6006460
hu Hungarian erő   View Word  - 6005996
is Icelandic kraftur   View Word  - 6008938
ld Judeo-spanish fuersa/koah/rezior   View Word  - 6007905
kk Kazakh куш   View Word  - 6006068
ko Korean 힘, 세력, 에너지   View Word  - 6006030
la Latin vis   View Word  - 6006067
lv Latvian spēks   View Word  - 6008741
lb Limburgian kraach; fors   View Word  - 6005976
mo Mokshan vij   View Word  - 6006101
md Mudnés fòrza   View Word  - 6006086
nc Napulitano forza   View Word  - 6006081
no Norwegian Bokmål kraft   View Word  - 7029937
pd Paduan forsa   View Word  - 6006395
pp Papiamentu forsa   View Word  - 6006031
fa Persian نیرو   View Word  - 6006025
pi Piemontese fòrsa   View Word  - 6007337
pt Portuguese força   View Word  - 6005997
qu Quechua kallpa   View Word  - 6007020
ro Romanian forţă   View Word  - 6006006
sj Sammarinese fòurza   View Word  - 6006444
cd Sardinian Campidanesu fortza; F   View Word  - 6006024
sr Serbian сила: Чиста сила која делује на неко тело и узрокује убрзање тог тела, то јест мења његову брзину. Појам се први пут јавља у другом закону кретања, у оквиру класичне механике   View Word  - 6007167
tn Setswana pateletsa   View Word  - 6224623
sc Sicilian fòrza   View Word  - 6008402
th Thai แรง   View Word  - 6009114
zt Traditional Chinese   View Word  - 6006451
tb Triestino forza   View Word  - 6006096
um Umbro-sabino fòrsa: Intità fisica que se veje ne r'interasione de du' o più cuorpi matiriali, sia a livieju macruscopicu, sia a livieju de re particieje ilimentari, que cammia ri stati de quiete o de motu de ri cuorpi stissi   View Word  - 6006137
ve Venetian forzsa; F   View Word  - 6349362
vi Vietnamese sức mạnh; sức mạnh tinh thần   View Word  - 6006171
wa Wallon fwesse   View Word  - 6006882
cy Welsh grym   View Word  - 6006042
ze Zeneize fòrsa   View Word  - 6006023

[Subject: Physics]

- the force which makes it difficult for one object to slide along the surface of another or to move through a liquid or gas

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 9 languages

- A group of people working together, e.g. task force, police force, the armed forces etc.

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 4 languages

br Breton lu   View Word  - 6041294
ve Venetian forzsa   View Word  - 6349363
cy Welsh llu   View Word  - 6041293

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