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[Subject: Generalities]

- To give a false appearance of being, possessing, or performing (transitive sense)

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 58 languages

it Italian fingere; far credere; dare a vedere; far finta; atteggiarsi; simulare   View Word  - 5696197
es Spanish fingir; simular; aparentar   View Word  - 4970402
fr French feindre; simuler   View Word  - 944892
de German vortäuschen; vorspiegeln; vorgaukeln; simulieren   View Word  - 5696241
ar Arabic تظاهر; اِدّعى   View Word  - 4312352
zh Chinese 假装   View Word  - 4970403
af Afrikaans voorgee   View Word  - 5704214
sq Albanian shtirem   View Word  - 5545963
ao Aragones ser fachendoso; fer o paper; dar-se damba   View Word  - 5701045
eu Basque itxurak egin; plantak egin   View Word  - 5930536
bl Bolognese fèr véssta; fèr cånt   View Word  - 5559476
bc Bresciano finzèr   View Word  - 5561764
br Breton ober an neuz   View Word  - 5696235
bg Bulgarian претендирам   View Word  - 5701744
cb Calabrese fingire; finzionare; scemiare   View Word  - 5026228
ca Catalan fingir   View Word  - 5748416
hr Croatian pretvarati se   View Word  - 5696217
cs Czech předstírat; přetvařovat se   View Word  - 5696358
da Danish foregive; simulere   View Word  - 5696272
nl Dutch simuleren; veinzen   View Word  - 6368021
eo Esperanto ŝajnigi   View Word  - 4970420
et Estonian teesklema   View Word  - 5696204
fi Finnish teeskennellä   View Word  - 5465722
fu Furlan fâ fente   View Word  - 5713210
gl Galician finxir   View Word  - 5697079
el Greek προσποιούμαι   View Word  - 4996457
gn Guarani jejapo; japo gua’u   View Word  - 5508635
hu Hungarian színlel; tettet   View Word  - 5696338
ko Korean 체하다   View Word  - 4970406
la Latin fingere; simulare   View Word  - 5696287
lv Latvian ilikties   View Word  - 5699932
lb Limburgian vér sjaajnes doen; doen asof; zich vérdoen (as); kemeide spiële   View Word  - 5696267
lt Lithuanian apsimesti   View Word  - 5705302
mt Maltese taparsi   View Word  - 5697132
mp Mapunzugun femfaluwün   View Word  - 5696665 5142924_n.wav
mq Mirandolese finśar   View Word  - 6851174
md Mudnés fêr fìnta   View Word  - 5696149
fa Persian وانمود کردن   View Word  - 4992049
pi Piemontese fé finta; fé samblan; fé visa   View Word  - 4959490
pl Polish udawać   View Word  - 5696227
pt Portuguese fingir   View Word  - 944897
er Romagnolo fènzar   View Word  - 5474681
rb Romani kerav man   View Word  - 6169159
ro Romanian a se preface; a simula   View Word  - 5704862
sr Serbian претварати се   View Word  - 5700849
tn Setswana ipaya; buelela; emela   View Word  - 6240979
sc Sicilian fari finta   View Word  - 5828380
sk Slovak predstierať   View Word  - 5696533
sv Swedish låtsas; fejka   View Word  - 5696326
zt Traditional Chinese 假裝   View Word  - 4970404
tb Triestino far finta; far finta de   View Word  - 5704347
tr Turkish rol yapmak   View Word  - 5696218
va Valencian fingir   View Word  - 5469800
ve Venetian fare finta   View Word  - 4973500
cy Welsh esgus; cogio; cymryd arno   View Word  - 5696234
ji Yiddish makhn an onshtel (vi); makhn zikh (az/vi)   View Word  - 5696744
ze Zeneize finze   View Word  - 5698221

- To stand as a representative, e.g. someone who has been elected represents those who elected him.

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- State or point out


Translated in 1 languages


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