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- A gradual and continuous loss of strength, numbers, or value etc.

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 53 languages

[Subject: Structural Systems (Grammar)]

- Of a noun, pronoun, or adjective: inflect according to case, number, gender. List or exhibit such inflections.

Translated in 16 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- movement downward

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 7 languages

- A worsening in a condition, a reduction, either rapid or slow, e.g. 'There has been in a decline in the number of Welsh speakers in that area due to the decline in the main industry there.'

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

  • Synonym: reduction

Translated in 3 languages

- figuratively: to decline, to deteriorate

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Astronomy & Allied Sciences]

- Distance from a star to Ecuador

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 2 languages

es Spanish declinación   View Word  - 5507706

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