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- Entrometerse, obstaculizar los asuntos ajenos o que no son de la propia incumbencia

Translated by: SIMÓN CAMPAGNE

Translated in 46 languages

en English interfere; meddle   View Word  - 6828996
it Italian interferire; impicciarsi; ficcare il naso; immischiarsi; sovrapporsi   View Word  - 6828959
fr French interférer   View Word  - 6945116
de German sich einmischen   View Word  - 6829180
ru Russian мешать, вмешиваться   View Word  - 6829295
ar Arabic تدخل   View Word  - 6946112
af Afrikaans inmeng   View Word  - 6829192
ao Aragones interferir   View Word  - 6831417
eu Basque eragotzi; oztopatu   View Word  - 6829155
bl Bolognese inframéttres   View Word  - 6830125
bp Brazilian Portuguese interferir   View Word  - 6829193
br Breton emellout   View Word  - 6829164
cs Czech vměšovat se   View Word  - 6946113
da Danish blande sig   View Word  - 6833021
nl Dutch zich bemoeien met   View Word  - 6829152
dt Dzoratâi s'eintremèclliâ; s'eintrefetsî   View Word  - 6949890
eo Esperanto entrudiĝi; enmiksi sin   View Word  - 6829179
et Estonian sekkuma   View Word  - 6834069
fi Finnish puuttua; sekaantua   View Word  - 6829996
fu Furlan interferî   View Word  - 6967813
gl Galician interferir   View Word  - 6836084
gr Griko Salentino na vali ti mmitti is passo mmerèo   View Word  - 6834839
he Hebrew להתערב   View Word  - 6829196
hu Hungarian beavatkozik; közbelép   View Word  - 6829241
ld Judeo-spanish entremetido   View Word  - 6838577
ko Korean 방해/간섭하다   View Word  - 6833298
la Latin concurrere; congruere; competere   View Word  - 6829499
lv Latvian iejaukties   View Word  - 6831486
le Leonese interferire   View Word  - 6829297
mq Mirandolese interferir   View Word  - 6829182
md Mudnés màtters in mêz   View Word  - 6833143
pd Paduan interferire, intromettarse   View Word  - 6835440
pp Papiamentu entremeté den   View Word  - 6829168
fa Persian دخالت ؛ فضولی   View Word  - 6945756
pl Polish wtrącać się, ingerować   View Word  - 6831067
pt Portuguese interferir   View Word  - 6829190
pe Praiese interferì   View Word  - 6829244
ro Romanian (a) se băga; interveni   View Word  - 6831564
lg Sardinian Logudoresu no si faghede sos fattos suos   View Word  - 6833651
sr Serbian мешати се; уплитати се (у нешто); утицати   View Word  - 6839299
zt Traditional Chinese 干擾; 干預   View Word  - 6945516
tr Turkish karışmak; çatışmak; birbirini etkilemek   View Word  - 6834755
um Umbro-sabino 'mpecciasse   View Word  - 6834092
vi Vietnamese choc mui vao, tham gia vao viec khong phai cua minh, can thiep vao viec cua nguoi khac   View Word  - 6834971
cy Welsh ymyrryd   View Word  - 6829163

[Subject: Communications]

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 4 languages

[Subject: Physics]

- Cruzar, interponer algo en el camino de otra cosa, o en una acción; introducirse una señal en la recepción de otra y perturbarla

Translated by: SIMÓN CAMPAGNE

Translated in 3 languages

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