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- A narrow pliable strip (often of leather), fastened to form a loop wide enough to be gripped.

Translated in 13 languages

[Subject: Physics]

- A narrow flat projection, as on a strap-hinge; a metal band or plate for holding things in position; a looped band

  • Etymology: From Old English, thong for securing an oar, from Latin struppus band, str

Translated in 12 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- An application of the strap or tawse in punishment


Translated in 8 languages

[Subject: Costume & Personal Appearance]

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Applied Mechanics]

Translated in 5 languages

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Financial Economics]

- An option position which is a combination of two calls and one put of the same series, whereby the put has the same features of the calls, i.e. the same underlying security, the same exercise price and the same expiration.

Translated by: GIACOMO FALCONI

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Fashion]

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 5 languages


Translated in 4 languages

[Subject: Costume & Personal Appearance, Fashion Magazines]

Translated in 3 languages

it Italian cinghietta   View Word  - 339038
pt Portuguese tira   View Word  - 5018023

- a narrow pliable strip, fastened to form a loop wide enough to be gripped

Translated in 3 languages

it Italian strap   View Word  - 5555703
fi Finnish hihna   View Word  - 2830368

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