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[Subject: Equestrian Sports & Animal Racing]

- Brusco cambio de paso en el caballo; alteración del compás

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Public Finance]

- Accidente o suceso inoportuno que obstaculiza o impide el curso normal de algo.

Translated by: SIMÓN CAMPAGNE

  • Plural: contratiempos

Translated in 3 languages

en English setback   View Word  - 220438
pt Portuguese revés   View Word  - 5653909

[Subject: Music]

- A -- : Compás o acompañamiento inverso al tiempo ordinario del ritmo

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 1 languages


[Subject: American]

- Mala situación, atolladero, apuro, embrollo, embarazo

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 3 languages

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