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[Subject: Law]

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 8 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- Document one signs to give permission, such as the release of a copyright

Translated in 7 languages

[Subject: Precision & Other Instruments]

Translated in 7 languages

[Subject: Plastics Manufacturing Machinery]

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Applied Mechanics]

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Data Processing Computer Science]

- (a button)

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Plastics Manufacturing Machinery]

Translated in 5 languages

- To fire or let fly with an arrow from a bow

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 4 languages

[Subject: Chemistry]

Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Data Processing, Database]

Translated in 2 languages

fr French version   View Word  - 1226557

[Subject: Electric Excavator For Mining]

- (brakes

Translated in 2 languages

pt Portuguese soltar   View Word  - 3376093

[Subject: Advertising & Public Relations]

- An announcement distributed to the media

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 56 languages

it Italian comunicato stampa; comunicato   View Word  - 5861595
es Spanish comunicado; comunicado oficial; nota de prensa; comunicado de prensa   View Word  - 5861854
fr French communiqué; note de presse; communiqué de presse; communication   View Word  - 5861858
de German Pressemitteilung; Pressemeldung; Meldung   View Word  - 5660492
ru Russian пресс-релиз   View Word  - 5862277
ar Arabic بلاغ صحافي   View Word  - 5116160
zh Chinese 新闻稿   View Word  - 5862271
af Afrikaans persvrystelling   View Word  - 5866227
sq Albanian njoftim   View Word  - 4657386
ao Aragones comunicato ; nota ofizial ; comunicato de prensa   View Word  - 5869979
eu Basque komunikatu; jakinarazpen   View Word  - 5861821
bp Brazilian Portuguese comunicado de imprensa   View Word  - 5861856
bg Bulgarian съобщение в печата   View Word  - 5862544
cb Calabrese comunicatu stampa   View Word  - 5862576
hr Croatian tiskovna izjava   View Word  - 5862217
cs Czech tisková zpráva   View Word  - 4347708
da Danish kommuniké   View Word  - 679583
nl Dutch persbericht; perscommuniqué   View Word  - 4211992
eo Esperanto presa sciigo; presa komunikaĵo   View Word  - 5861877
et Estonian pressiteade; kommünikee   View Word  - 5861922
fi Finnish lehdistötiedote   View Word  - 5862208
fl Flemish perscommuniqué   View Word  - 5861896
gl Galician comunicado de prensa   View Word  - 5861913
el Greek ανακοίνωση, δημοσιοποίηση   View Word  - 5862458
gr Griko Salentino comunicào   View Word  - 5865454
gu Gujarati વિજ્ઞપ્તિ   View Word  - 5746830
he Hebrew תמסיר   View Word  - 5865432
hi Hindi विज्ञप्ति   View Word  - 5746829
hu Hungarian sajtóközlemény   View Word  - 5864129
ko Korean 보도 자료   View Word  - 5862070
la Latin nuntius diurnariorum   View Word  - 5862213
lv Latvian Ziņojums presei   View Word  - 5864299
lb Limburgian pêrskommunikei; pêrsberich   View Word  - 5861895
lt Lithuanian pranešimas/pareiškimas spaudai   View Word  - 5862363
mt Maltese press release   View Word  - 5866918
mr Marathi सरकारी जाहीर पत्रक   View Word  - 5746831
mo Mokshan kulae noldama   View Word  - 5862276
md Mudnés comunichê stàmpa   View Word  - 5865788
nc Napulitano cummunecato stampa   View Word  - 5862772
fa Persian مطلب مطبوعاتی   View Word  - 4755455
pi Piemontese comunicà   View Word  - 5864291
pl Polish komunikat prasowy   View Word  - 4812560
pt Portuguese comunicado de imprensa   View Word  - 5861827
pa Punjabi ਵਿਗਿਅਪਤਿ   View Word  - 5746832
er Romagnolo cuminichèd   View Word  - 5711069
ro Romanian comunicat de presă   View Word  - 5862413
sa Sanskrit ख्यापनम्   View Word  - 5746833
cd Sardinian Campidanesu comunigau 'e imprenta; comunigau; sceda   View Word  - 5862818
sr Serbian за објављивање   View Word  - 5865772
tn Setswana kgololo   View Word  - 6244187
sc Sicilian cumunicatu stampa   View Word  - 5861834
sk Slovak komuniké   View Word  - 4802923
sl Slovenian sporočilo za javnost   View Word  - 5861843
sv Swedish pressuttalande; kommuniké   View Word  - 5876386
ji Yiddish prese-komunikat; komunikat   View Word  - 5862245

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