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[Subject: Construction In Specific Materials]

Translated in 9 languages

[Subject: Written Communications Processes]

- Signo que agrupa varios elementos integrantes de una serie.

Translated by: XIO-MARA ACOSTA

  • Etymology: Del latín clavis

Translated in 17 languages

[Subject: Music]

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 7 languages

- Grapa metálica

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 1 languages


[Subject: Zoological Sciences]

- Vértice de las valvas de los moluscos, inclinado hacia delante e incurvado hacia el plano de simetría

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

  • Etymology: voz latina, abolladura, saliente, gancho punzante

Translated in 0 languages

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