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[Subject: Generalities]

- A group of friends who enjoy going around together (especially one whose activities include an element of mischief)

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 9 languages

Translated by: KATRIN HELD

Translated in 3 languages

es Spanish banda   View Word  - 5123727 4914489_n.wav
de German Bande; Gang   View Word  - 5681252

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 2 languages

fr French mariage   View Word  - 5321151

[Subject: Geology, Meteorology, Hydrology]

Translated in 2 languages

ja Japanese �¬�Î   View Word  - 3746686

[Subject: Electricity & Electronics]

- A set of switches, sockets, or other devices grouped together

Translated in 1 languages


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