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[Subject: Physics]

- A programmable pacing parameter related to rate responsive pacing. The value programmed for this parameter determines how quickly or how slowly the pacing rate of an activity sensing pacemaker declines when the person with the pacemaker stops exercising.ÿIn Activity Rate Response Modes: ... Activity Acceleration and Deceleration times determine how quickly the rate will rise and fall as a result of changes in patient activity. Deceleration can also extend the rate fall by providing up to 20 minutes of rate deceleration based on the intensity and duration of exercise. [DX2PIM 2-6]

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[Subject: Precision & Other Instruments]

Translated in 6 languages

Translated by: GUEST USER

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[Subject: Mechanics]

- of spindle

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[Subject: Generalities]

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fa Persian كاهش سرعت   View Word  - 4687175

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