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- instituere nexus societatis cum iis quibuscum homines in civitate vivunt

Translated by: SIBILLA CUOGHI

Translated in 44 languages

en English socialize; socialise; fraternize; fraternise; interact; relate; mix   View Word  - 5744035
it Italian socializzare; inserirsi; familiarizzare; affiatarsi; legare; interagire   View Word  - 5743636
es Spanish socializar; fraternizar   View Word  - 5743629
fr French socialiser   View Word  - 5744053
de German zusammenkommen; sozialisieren   View Word  - 6475346
ru Russian общаться   View Word  - 5747663
af Afrikaans sosialiseer   View Word  - 5745656
ao Aragones sozializar ; fraternizar   View Word  - 5746206
eu Basque sozializatu   View Word  - 5744178
br Breton sosializañ; daremprediñ tud   View Word  - 5744255
bg Bulgarian общувам; водя обществен живот; членувам в обществена организация   View Word  - 5744831
cb Calabrese socializzà   View Word  - 5747292
ci Catanese ncumari   View Word  - 6234646
hr Croatian družiti se   View Word  - 5744869
cs Czech žít společensky; chodit do společnosti; žít společenským životem; být společenský; družit se   View Word  - 5747429
da Danish socialisere   View Word  - 5748834
nl Dutch gezellig doen   View Word  - 5746858
eo Esperanto sociumi; interfratiĝi   View Word  - 5744502
fu Furlan socializâ   View Word  - 5745772
gl Galician socializar   View Word  - 5745070
el Greek κάνω παρέα; συναναστρέφομαι; συγχρωτίζομαι; συναγελάζομαι   View Word  - 5745066
hu Hungarian társas életet él; összejár vkivel   View Word  - 5744911
is Icelandic blanda geði   View Word  - 5751762
ja Japanese 公営化する   View Word  - 5744897
lv Latvian būt sociāli aktīvam   View Word  - 5746139
lb Limburgian zich ophaage (mèt); kalle (mèt); 'uchtere'; verbroedere   View Word  - 5745124
lt Lithuanian bendrauti; suvisuomeninti   View Word  - 5745511
mt Maltese tissocjalizza   View Word  - 5744917
mo Mokshan shovurims   View Word  - 5747642
md Mudnés lighêr   View Word  - 5744921
nc Napulitano sucializzà, affamulià, attaccà   View Word  - 5747873
no Norwegian Bokmål sosialisere   View Word  - 5748694
fa Persian اجتماعی بودن , مربوط شدن   View Word  - 5744665
pi Piemontese sossialisé   View Word  - 5745364
pt Portuguese socializar   View Word  - 5744184
ro Romanian socializa   View Word  - 5744443
tn Setswana ana; bolela   View Word  - 6244166
sv Swedish umgås; socialisera   View Word  - 5748738
va Valencian socialisar   View Word  - 5744309
wa Wallon sôcialîzer   View Word  - 5748754
cy Welsh cymdeithasu; cymysgu   View Word  - 5744254
ji Yiddish zikh khavern mit...; zikh frayndlekh batsiyen tsu....; zikh farvayln tsuzamen mit....   View Word  - 5744830
zu Zulu enzelana   View Word  - 6241435

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