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[Subject: Political Science]

- Estrapolazion dei risultati (spesso eletorali) basandose su come che ga votà i primi eletori. Funziona solo se la gente no cambia idea incontro, ma no ghe xe chissà che pericolo: per cambiar idea prima de tuto bisognassi pensar. Vox populi "Stando ale proiezioni i lo dovessi eleger de novo a lu, ma no so se xe de crederghe: me sa sai che el se ga comprà anche quele"

Translated by: ALOIS ANSLOVAR

Translated in 58 languages

en English projection; forecast   View Word  - 6126983
it Italian proiezione; proiezione elettorale   View Word  - 6127034
es Spanish previsión; pronóstico electoral   View Word  - 6127126
fr French pronostic; estimation   View Word  - 6127115
de German Hochrechnung   View Word  - 4219020
ar Arabic عرض   View Word  - 6127120
zh Chinese 发射   View Word  - 6132803
ao Aragones prebisión; pornostico eleutoral   View Word  - 6127241
eu Basque aurreikuspen; hauteskundeetarako iragarpen   View Word  - 6128017
bl Bolognese projeziån; previSiån eletorèl   View Word  - 6128714
bc Bresciano previsiù   View Word  - 6132714
br Breton diouganerezh   View Word  - 6137670
cb Calabrese proiezziuni   View Word  - 6127245
ci Catanese projzziuni   View Word  - 6132774
co Corsican prunosticu   View Word  - 6132962
ct Cosentino proiezzione   View Word  - 6132661
cs Czech prognóza; předvolební odhad   View Word  - 6130595
da Danish prognose; fremskrivning   View Word  - 6127390
nl Dutch voorspelling   View Word  - 6127257
eo Esperanto prognozo; antaŭkalkulo   View Word  - 6127137
et Estonian prognoos   View Word  - 6129235
fu Furlan proiezion   View Word  - 5979414
gl Galician prognóstico electoral   View Word  - 6127230
el Greek πρόβλεψη   View Word  - 6129045
gr Griko Salentino proieziùna   View Word  - 6134155
he Hebrew תחזית   View Word  - 6134979
hu Hungarian választási előrejelzés; prognózis; elõrejelzés   View Word  - 6127129
ld Judeo-spanish previzion   View Word  - 6135830
ko Korean 발사; 기획; 예측   View Word  - 6127188
la Latin omen; praesagium   View Word  - 6132742
lv Latvian plānošana   View Word  - 6128275
le Leonese pronósticu elleutoral   View Word  - 6135437
ln Lingala boyebi na libosò   View Word  - 6133085
lt Lithuanian prognozė; numatymas; nuspėjimas   View Word  - 6127238
ll Lucchese proiezión; pronostïo   View Word  - 6127244
mp Mapunzugun pefalyenien   View Word  - 6132767
md Mudnés previsiòun   View Word  - 6128176
nc Napulitano pruizzione   View Word  - 6127386
pd Paduan proiession   View Word  - 6127212
pp Papiamentu previshon; pronóstiko elektoral   View Word  - 6127205
fa Persian پیشگویی هوا   View Word  - 6127993
pl Polish prognostyka wyników   View Word  - 6127358
pt Portuguese projecção   View Word  - 6127122
qu Quechua ajllay qawana   View Word  - 6133569
rp Rapanui haka tika pe mu'a   View Word  - 6135434
ro Romanian pronostic   View Word  - 6127265
lg Sardinian Logudoresu bettamentu; bettamentu elettorale   View Word  - 6128470
sr Serbian пројекција; прогноза   View Word  - 6127398
tn Setswana sekhutlolo   View Word  - 6241242
sc Sicilian pruizioni elettorali   View Word  - 6132726
sk Slovak projekcia   View Word  - 6127127
sv Swedish prognos   View Word  - 6132823
zt Traditional Chinese 預測; 預示; 預見   View Word  - 6132978
um Umbro-sabino prujezione; pronuosticu   View Word  - 6127199
va Valencian pronostic; previsio   View Word  - 6132741
wa Wallon prodjession   View Word  - 6127582
cy Welsh amcanestyniad   View Word  - 6127141

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