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[Subject: Generalities]

- To knock down.

Translated in 48 languages

it Italian abbattere   View Word  - 673485 265349.wav
es Spanish talar; devastar; arrasar; abatir   View Word  - 2032685
fr French abattre   View Word  - 5119365
de German umwerfen; niederschlagen; fällen; niederreißen   View Word  - 5618257
ru Russian повалить   View Word  - 4343874
ar Arabic أطاح   View Word  - 4912401
sq Albanian rrëzoj; shemb   View Word  - 4402566
eu Basque moztu; ebaki, bota (zuhaitzei buruz)   View Word  - 4412668
bp Brazilian Portuguese abater; derrubar   View Word  - 4601480
be Byelorussian ðóá³öü   View Word  - 4724550
cb Calabrese Abbattere; Atterrare; Pitterrare; Attavusciare   View Word  - 5016919
ca Catalan abatre; aclaparar, tombar   View Word  - 4366034
da Danish snare   View Word  - 2032682
nl Dutch vellen   View Word  - 5869854
eo Esperanto dehaki   View Word  - 3827034
fi Finnish kaataa   View Word  - 4359463
fu Furlan abati   View Word  - 5477519
gl Galician talar; cortar   View Word  - 4473978
gu Gujarati પાડવું   View Word  - 5538496
hi Hindi काट कर गिराना; गिराना   View Word  - 4948871
hu Hungarian ledönt; letaglóz; leüt   View Word  - 5920026
la Latin evertere; demoliri; decutere; deturbare; discutere; profligare   View Word  - 5032814
lx Luxembourgish ëmhaen   View Word  - 4501310
mp Mapunzugun ñizokaxün   View Word  - 5149075 5149075_n.wav
mr Marathi पाडणें   View Word  - 5538497
mq Mirandolese butar śò   View Word  - 6889561
md Mudnés butèr zâ   View Word  - 5132412
pd Paduan abàtare; butàre zo; butàre basso   View Word  - 5541706
fa Persian خراب کردن; در هم ريختن   View Word  - 4943011
pi Piemontese campé giù   View Word  - 4930524
pl Polish zwalić; powalić   View Word  - 4391868
pt Portuguese abater; derrubar   View Word  - 2424364
pa Punjabi ਡੇਗ   View Word  - 5538499
er Romagnolo tirè zò   View Word  - 5679798
ra Roman abbatte'   View Word  - 5191977
ro Romanian a doborî   View Word  - 4343574
sp Sango kindā   View Word  - 5972678
sa Sanskrit अवपत्   View Word  - 5538500
cd Sardinian Campidanesu abati; abàtiri; furriai; sterrinai; fuliai; ghetai a terra; sçusçai   View Word  - 5548145
lg Sardinian Logudoresu abbattire; accadire   View Word  - 5548072
sr Serbian оборити; срушити   View Word  - 4944245
tn Setswana rema; usa; go wela fa fatshe   View Word  - 6223821
sk Slovak rúbať; skláti�   View Word  - 4355675
sl Slovenian zbijati; zbiti   View Word  - 4906651
sv Swedish fälla   View Word  - 4486267
tr Turkish yıkmak; devirmek   View Word  - 4380396
ve Venetian butar zo   View Word  - 4923536

- To knock to the ground

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Zoology]

- One of the classic native breeds of England, the Fell Pony is noted for its hardiness, courage and adaptability. Bred for the harsh environment of England's north country where feed is always at a premium, the Fell requires less keep than most horses and ponies, and given sufficient shelter, will live out in all weather


Translated in 5 languages

Translated in 2 languages

es Spanish talar   View Word  - 2032686

[Subject: Generalities]

Translated in 2 languages

fa Persian انداختن   View Word  - 4493560

[Subject: General Geography Travel]

Translated in 1 languages


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