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[Subject: Physics]

- Data packet that will be sent to all nodes on a network. Broadcasts are identified by a broadcast address. Compare with multicast and unicast. See also broadcast address. - T&A - 17/03/1998

Translated in 12 languages

[Subject: Communications]

- Action and effect of disseminating a message

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 10 languages

- A transmission by radio or television of material intended for general public reception

Translated by: KEVIN FLYNN

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications]

- to send information simultaneously to a group of recipients

Translated in 2 languages

[Subject: Data Processing - Windows]

- Cause to become widely known

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 51 languages

it Italian diffondere; propagare   View Word  - 5475307
es Spanish difundir   View Word  - 6332589
fr French diffuser; propager   View Word  - 5940350
de German verbreiten; in Umlauf bringen; ausbreiten   View Word  - 5479525
ru Russian распространяться   View Word  - 5481143
ar Arabic نَشَرَ   View Word  - 4276809
sq Albanian përhap   View Word  - 4863853
ao Aragones espardir   View Word  - 5479754
br Breton skignañ; ledañ   View Word  - 5479670
cb Calabrese diffunni   View Word  - 5479226
ca Catalan difondre   View Word  - 5479463
hr Croatian rasprostraniti   View Word  - 5479268
cs Czech rozšířit; rozptýlit; roztrousit   View Word  - 5483740
da Danish udbrede; udsprede; sprede   View Word  - 5479349
nl Dutch verspreiden   View Word  - 5497820
eo Esperanto disvastigi; diskonigi   View Word  - 3929729
et Estonian levitama   View Word  - 5499405
fi Finnish levittää   View Word  - 5494157
fu Furlan sparnizâ   View Word  - 5479800
gl Galician difundir; espallar   View Word  - 5479622
el Greek εξαπλώνω; εξαπλώνομαι; διαδίδω; διαδίδομαι   View Word  - 5479497
hu Hungarian terjed   View Word  - 5479508
la Latin differre; diffundere   View Word  - 5047911
lv Latvian izplatīts   View Word  - 5482638
lb Limburgian bekènd wiëne; autreen (doen) gon; breeë   View Word  - 5497829
mp Mapunzugun komchelün   View Word  - 5479475 5141032_n.wav
md Mudnés fèr arivèr in gìr   View Word  - 5506107
oc Occitan difusar; propagar; divulgar; far conéisser; far saber   View Word  - 5479712
fa Persian گسترده شده   View Word  - 5479701
pi Piemontese spantié; spataré; propaghé; difusé   View Word  - 5479146
pj Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjatjara watjarinanyi   View Word  - 6746869
pl Polish rozprzestrzeniać   View Word  - 4886170
pt Portuguese difundir   View Word  - 5479138
pr Provençal difusar; propagar; divulgar; far conéisser; far saber   View Word  - 5479713
rg Reggiano slarghèr   View Word  - 5479549
er Romagnolo spàrz   View Word  - 5717013
ra Roman diffonne'   View Word  - 5479600
ro Romanian a difuza; a (se) răspândi; a (se) propaga; a (se) împrăştia   View Word  - 5481397
sr Serbian ширити се   View Word  - 5494776
sv Swedish sprida ut   View Word  - 4806009
zt Traditional Chinese 散播   View Word  - 5493397
tb Triestino difonder; sparnizar   View Word  - 5479055
tr Turkish yaymak; yayılmak; dağıtmak   View Word  - 5479258
uk Ukrainian розповсюджуватися   View Word  - 5483428
va Valencian difondre   View Word  - 5479461
ve Venetian difondare; metare in volta   View Word  - 4962698
cy Welsh lledaenu; lledu   View Word  - 6037046
xh Xhosa ntyuntyayo   View Word  - 6237136
ji Yiddish farshpreyt, farshpreytung, farshpreytn   View Word  - 5479691
zu Zulu hlakaza; hlwanyela   View Word  - 6223978

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