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- Disipar. Acabar con la hacienda. Destrozar

Translated in 9 languages

[Subject: Military Art & Science]

- Lograr que el enemigo salga huyendo

  • Synonym: capitular

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Life Sciences]

- "No se puede derrotar a quien nunca se da por vencido”. George Herman Ruth (Babe Ruth, 1895 – 1948)

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 3 languages

en English defeat   View Word  - 7045437
it Italian sconfitta   View Word  - 7045438

[Subject: Military Art & Science - Naval]

- Apartarse una embarcación de su rumbo

Translated in 2 languages

en English drift off course   View Word  - 2697237

[Subject: Venezuela]

- Finalizar con los regímenes autocráticos o militaristas

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

  • Synonym: desbaratar
  • Synonym: tumbar
  • Synonym: decaer
  • Synonym: derribar
  • Synonym: derrocar
  • Synonym: postrar
  • Synonym: derrotar
  • Synonym: hundir

Translated in 1 languages


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