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- A projectile weapon used for throwing stones at the enemy and consisting of a short strap with strings fastened to its ends and whirled round to discharge its missile by centrifugal force

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 28 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- A device for distributing the load suspended from a crane hook over several lifting points. Slings are made of rope, webbing or chain.

Translated in 16 languages

[Subject: Mechanics]

- Leather strap attached to a worker suspended in mid air.


Translated in 12 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

Translated by: ISAAC SMITH

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Medical Equipment]

- A kind of scarf to support an injured arm

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 3 languages

br Breton matezh-vrec'h   View Word  - 6384062
cy Welsh gwregys   View Word  - 6384063

[Subject: Generalities]

Translated in 2 languages

fa Persian قلاب سنگ   View Word  - 4772020

[Subject: Food & Drink]

- A sweetened drink of spirits, especially gin, and water


Translated in 2 languages

fr French grog   View Word  - 7110207

[Subject: Fashion]

Translated by: SONIA PERFETTI

Translated in 1 languages


[Subject: Fishing, Hunting, Shooting]

- an instrument for throwing stones or other missiles

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

  • Synonym: sling

Translated in 63 languages

it Italian fionda   View Word  - 5919167
es Spanish honda   View Word  - 5919166
fr French lance-pierre; fronde   View Word  - 5919163
de German Schleuder; Steinschleuder   View Word  - 5919164
ru Russian рогатка   View Word  - 7148397
ar Arabic مقلاع   View Word  - 7148378
zh Chinese 弹弓   View Word  - 7148409
af Afrikaans kettie   View Word  - 7148377
hy Armenian ճեղապարսատիկ   View Word  - 7148416
at Asturian flonda; fonida; fronda; froncia   View Word  - 7148379
az Azeri (latin Script) sapand   View Word  - 7148423
ba Bashkir сөйөртмәк   View Word  - 7148421
eu Basque tiragoma   View Word  - 7148384
bh Bihari गुलेती   View Word  - 7130681
my Burmese လောက်လေးဂွ   View Word  - 7148419
km Cambodian ចំពាមកៅស៊ូ   View Word  - 7148450
ca Catalan tirador; mandró   View Word  - 7148380
hr Croatian praćka   View Word  - 7148425
cs Czech prak   View Word  - 7148381
da Danish slangebøsse   View Word  - 7148382
nl Dutch slinger   View Word  - 5919169
eo Esperanto katapulto; ŝtonĵetileto   View Word  - 7148383
et Estonian ragulka   View Word  - 7148411
fi Finnish ritsa   View Word  - 7148402
gl Galician tirapedras   View Word  - 7148386
ka Georgian შურდული   View Word  - 7148417
kl Greenlandic illuut tasisartulik   View Word  - 7148424
ha Hausa màjájjáwa̋   View Word  - 7148412
ho Hmong ntiv roj hmab   View Word  - 6867696
hu Hungarian csúzli   View Word  - 7148390
iu Innu ueuepishuniapi   View Word  - 7155763
ja Japanese スリングショット   View Word  - 7148393
jw Javanese ꦥ꧀ꦭꦶꦤꦛꦺꦁ   View Word  - 7148388
ko Korean 새총   View Word  - 7148387
kj Kurdish Kurmanji neçik; berkanî; darneçûk; qanik   View Word  - 6496821
ku Kurdish Sorani قۆچەقانی; دارلاستیک   View Word  - 6496822
lo Laotian ກະຖຸນ; ຫນ້າກະຖຸນ   View Word  - 7148413
la Latin fundula   View Word  - 7148389
mg Malagasy antsamotady   View Word  - 7148418
ms Malay lastik; tarbil; jepretan   View Word  - 7148392
ml Malayalam കവണ; തെറ്റാലി   View Word  - 7148391
mb Maya tiraule   View Word  - 7154227
mn Mongolian чавх   View Word  - 7148422
no Norwegian Bokmål sprettert   View Word  - 7148394
fa Persian تیر و کمان سنگی; کشکشی; قلاب‌سنگ; فلاخن   View Word  - 7148385
pl Polish proca neurobalistyczna   View Word  - 7148395
pt Portuguese funda   View Word  - 5919168
qu Quechua tirachina   View Word  - 7148396
sr Serbian праћка са рашљама   View Word  - 7148401
sc Sicilian fleccia; sciunna; ciunna   View Word  - 7148398
sk Slovak prak   View Word  - 7148399
sl Slovenian frača   View Word  - 7148400
sv Swedish slangbella; slangbåge   View Word  - 7148403
tl Tagalog saltik; tiradór   View Word  - 7148404
ta Tamil சுண்டுவில்   View Word  - 7148414
tt Tatar рогатка   View Word  - 7148420
te Telugu ఉండేలు   View Word  - 7148405
th Thai หนังสติ๊ก   View Word  - 7148406
zt Traditional Chinese 彈弓   View Word  - 7148410
tr Turkish sapan   View Word  - 7148415
uk Ukrainian рогатка   View Word  - 7148407
vi Vietnamese súng cao su; ná cao su; giàn thun   View Word  - 7148408

[Subject: Generalities]

- To throw, cast or toss

Translated by: GUEST USER

  • Synonym: sling

Translated in 8 languages

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