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[Subject: Medical Sciences, Medicine]

- An attack or short period of suffering which comes on suddenly, e.g. a fit of temper, a fit of anger, a fit of coughing etc. Aslo with something more pleasant, e.g. a fit of laughing

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 14 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- Physically and mentally sound or healthy

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 9 languages

[Subject: Financial Economics]

- To be the right size for something

Translated in 7 languages

[Subject: Applied Mechanics]

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- To put together

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Aquatic & Air Sports]

Translated in 3 languages

it Italian aderenza   View Word  - 1287239
fr French adhérence   View Word  - 5837718

- Tending to insist on getting his or her own way

Translated by: RHISIART HINCKS

Translated in 3 languages

br Breton beg a-raok   View Word  - 5992316
cy Welsh ffit; pen blaen   View Word  - 5992315

[Subject: Mining & Related Operations]

- material used to fill a cavity or a passage

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Political Science]

Translated in 2 languages

it Italian essere adatto   View Word  - 5371329

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