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[Subject: Generalities]

- Detener, entorpecer, impedir la actividad o el movimiento de una cosa

  • Synonym: inmovilizar

Translated in 4 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- Causar parálisis a una parte del cuerpo

Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Military Art & Science]

- Neutralizar la salida o defensa del enemigo

Translated in 2 languages

en English immobilize   View Word  - 2717905

[Subject: Sociology]

Translated in 1 languages


[Subject: Mechanics]

- Hacer que una cosa quede inmóvil

Translated in 8 languages

- Perder o hacer perder la actividad, desactivar.
Suspender la energía eléctrica

Translated in 3 languages

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