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[Subject: Generalities]

- A unit group, especially of espionage personnel, political activists or terrorists


Translated in 12 languages

[Subject: Buildings]

Translated by: DAVID LAURENT

  • Synonym: compartment

Translated in 9 languages

[Subject: Law]

Translated by: ISAAC SMITH

Translated in 6 languages

[Subject: Music]

Translated in 5 languages

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 3 languages

fr French cellule   View Word  - 5204801
eo Esperanto ĉelo   View Word  - 6892661

- The basic unit for ATM switching and multiplexing. Cells contain identifiers that specify the data stream to which they belong. Each cell consists of a 5-byte header and 48 bytes of payload. See also cell relay. - T&A - 17/03/1998

Translated in 2 languages

es Spanish celda; celdillas   View Word  - 1304538

[Subject: Astronomy & Allied Sciences]

- Appliance for electricity use on board manned spacecraft, which are joined to atoms of hydrogen and oxygen to produce water molecules and electrical current

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 4 languages

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