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- Indiferente ante las cuestiones que importan o se debaten en la vida social

Translated by: SIMÓN CAMPAGNE

Translated in 38 languages

en English person who couldn't care less; person who doesn't give a damn   View Word  - 6751439
it Italian menefreghista   View Word  - 6751428
fr French je-m'en-foutiste; je-m'en-fichiste   View Word  - 6751917
de German gleichgültiger Mensch   View Word  - 6752266
ar Arabic الشخص الذي لا يأبه كثيرا   View Word  - 6783642
af Afrikaans traak-my-niet   View Word  - 6752380
ao Aragones pasota   View Word  - 6755870
eu Basque pasota; axolagabe   View Word  - 6751892
bl Bolognese menefreghéssta   View Word  - 6755958
bp Brazilian Portuguese alguém que não está nem aí; alguém que não liga a mínima   View Word  - 6751665
br Breton chafoutreour; chafoutreer   View Word  - 6751644
hr Croatian nehajan   View Word  - 6755814
cs Czech komu je všecko jedno   View Word  - 6753268
nl Dutch jantje-van-leiden   View Word  - 6751894
eo Esperanto prifurzulo; prifajfulo   View Word  - 6751603
et Estonian hoolimatu inimene; külma kõhuga inimene   View Word  - 6751767
gl Galician pasota   View Word  - 6756557
he Hebrew מצפצף על כולם   View Word  - 6751912
hu Hungarian nemtörődöm személy   View Word  - 6751928
ja Japanese 無神経   View Word  - 6751576
ld Judeo-spanish nomeinchedad   View Word  - 6759126
ko Korean 조금도 개의치 않다,   View Word  - 6755843
lv Latvian cilvēks, kuru nekas nesatrauc   View Word  - 6752096
le Leonese pasota   View Word  - 6751503
md Mudnés menefreghèsta   View Word  - 6755788
pd Paduan menefreghista, uno che se ne ciava   View Word  - 6761024
pp Papiamentu persona pasivo   View Word  - 6751922
pl Polish osoba, która ma wszystko w ... "głębokim poważaniu"   View Word  - 6755139
pt Portuguese pessoa que se está nas tintas   View Word  - 6751834
pe Praiese menefreghista   View Word  - 6759829
ra Roman menefreghista   View Word  - 6755867
ro Romanian nepăsător; indiferent   View Word  - 6756806
sr Serbian особа којој је све једно; нехајан; немаран; особа која не бирне ни о чему; особа која не мари ни за шта; индиферентан   View Word  - 6758061
zt Traditional Chinese 熱心的人   View Word  - 6760987
zt Traditional Chinese 對一切都無所謂的人   View Word  - 7184553
ve Venetian uno che no ghe ciava gnente   View Word  - 6752658
cy Welsh rhywun nad yw'n malio botwm corn; rhywun nad yw'n hidio dim   View Word  - 6751647

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