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en English to believe is to create   View Word  - 6877683
it Italian credere è creare   View Word  - 6877681
es Spanish creer es crear - Miguel de Unamuno   View Word  - 6877682
fr French croire, c'est créer   View Word  - 6878503
de German glauben heißt erschaffen   View Word  - 6878322
ru Russian верить — значит творить   View Word  - 6877826
ar Arabic أن تؤمن معناه أن تبتكر   View Word  - 6911598
zh Chinese 相信就是创造   View Word  - 6883670
af Afrikaans om te glo is om te skep   View Word  - 6877869
ao Aragones creyer ye creyar   View Word  - 6884179
eu Basque sinestea sortzea da   View Word  - 6877841
bl Bolognese sistêma copernicàn   View Word  - 6882815
bp Brazilian Portuguese crer é criar   View Word  - 6877808
br Breton krediñ zo krouiñ   View Word  - 6877970
cs Czech věřit znamená tvořit   View Word  - 6879387
nl Dutch geloven is scheppen   View Word  - 6877872
dt Dzoratâi crâire, l'è crèâ   View Word  - 6880284
eo Esperanto kredi estas krei   View Word  - 6877896
et Estonian uskumine on loomine   View Word  - 6877886
fi Finnish uskoa on luoda   View Word  - 6880874
gl Galician crer é crear   View Word  - 6879814
gr Griko Salentino na pistèzzi è 'sa kami   View Word  - 6881530
he Hebrew להאמין פירושו ליצור   View Word  - 6877803
hu Hungarian hinni annyi, mint teremteni   View Word  - 6880481
ld Judeo-spanish kreyer es krear   View Word  - 6880921
ko Korean 신앙은 창조다   View Word  - 6877829
la Latin credere creare est   View Word  - 6887719
lv Latvian ticēt nozīmē radīt   View Word  - 6879823
le Leonese creyere yía creyare   View Word  - 6877891
mv Mantuan credar l’è crear   View Word  - 6888716
mq Mirandolese credar 'l è crear   View Word  - 6883900
md Mudnés cràdder l'è creêr   View Word  - 6883679
no Norwegian Bokmål å tro er å skape   View Word  - 6948827
nn Norwegian Nynorsk å tru er å skapa   View Word  - 6948826
pd Paduan credare xé creare   View Word  - 6884222
pp Papiamentu kere ta krea   View Word  - 6877832
pl Polish wierzyć to znaczy tworzyć   View Word  - 6886496
pt Portuguese crer é criar   View Word  - 6878416
pe Praiese credi è crià   View Word  - 6878282
ra Roman crede' è crea'   View Word  - 6883690
ro Romanian a crede este a crea   View Word  - 6877981
sr Serbian веровати значи стварати   View Word  - 6884129
sv Swedish att tro är att skapa   View Word  - 6878502
zt Traditional Chinese 相信就是創造   View Word  - 6883671
zt Traditional Chinese 凱內勒   View Word  - 6886646
tr Turkish inanmak yaratmaktır   View Word  - 6879845

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