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[Subject: Architecture]

- A drawing of a building, town, area, vehicle, machine, etc. which only shows its shape from above and its size and the position of important details

  • Synonym: floor plan

Translated in 15 languages

[Subject: Generalities]

- A figure or representation of anything projected on a plane or flat surface

Translated by: GUEST USER

Translated in 5 languages

[Subject: Mechanics]

Translated in 2 languages

pt Portuguese aplainar   View Word  - 2823235

- To have in mind as a purpose

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 57 languages

it Italian intendere; mirare   View Word  - 5391903
es Spanish planear; fraguar; planificar   View Word  - 5403006
fr French avoir l'intention de; viser à; prévoir de; entendre   View Word  - 5983209
de German vorhaben   View Word  - 5399005
af Afrikaans bedoel; beoog   View Word  - 5393442
ao Aragones replecar   View Word  - 5394566
eu Basque saiatu; asmoa izan   View Word  - 5394283
bl Bolognese mirèr a   View Word  - 5393392
bc Bresciano entènder   View Word  - 5552617
br Breton bezan gant ar soñj; bezañ e soñj; bezañ e sell da   View Word  - 5393356
cb Calabrese 'ntendi   View Word  - 5393282
ca Catalan mirar de   View Word  - 5393307
hr Croatian nakaniti   View Word  - 5393310
cs Czech zamýšlet; mít v úmyslu   View Word  - 5393274
da Danish forsøge; prøve på   View Word  - 5393294
nl Dutch van plan zijn   View Word  - 5662448
eo Esperanto intenci; celi   View Word  - 5393461
et Estonian kavatsema   View Word  - 5399645
fi Finnish aikoa   View Word  - 5393771
gl Galician pretender; planear; ter a intención de   View Word  - 5394915
el Greek έχω πρόθεση; προτίθεμαι να; προγραμματίζω; σχεδιάζω   View Word  - 5393631
gr Griko Salentino na telìsi   View Word  - 5396326
gn Guarani aponde’a   View Word  - 5544646
gu Gujarati મનસૂબો રાખવો   View Word  - 5409781
he Hebrew התכוון   View Word  - 5392666
hi Hindi अभिप्राय रखना   View Word  - 5398740
ga Irish beartaigh   View Word  - 6939619
kj Kurdish Kurmanji mebest kirin   View Word  - 5401307
la Latin spectare; petere   View Word  - 5393589
lv Latvian paredzēt   View Word  - 5397851
lb Limburgian van zin zien; van plan zien   View Word  - 5393531
mr Marathi उद्देश असणे   View Word  - 5409782
md Mudnés intànder   View Word  - 5397718
oc Occitan entendre; enténder   View Word  - 5393326
fa Persian قصد   View Word  - 5393511
pi Piemontese antende; avèj l'antension ëd; tiré à   View Word  - 5394315
pl Polish zamierzać; mieć zamiar   View Word  - 5395176
pt Portuguese planear   View Word  - 5393446
pr Provençal entendre   View Word  - 5393328
rg Reggiano intènder   View Word  - 5393376
er Romagnolo intèndar   View Word  - 5579128
ra Roman 'ntenne'   View Word  - 5393311
ro Romanian a intenţiona; a urmări; a plănui; a dori; a proiecta   View Word  - 5393659
sa Sanskrit अभिप्रायं कृ   View Word  - 5433050
tn Setswana ikaelela; itlhoma   View Word  - 6230676
sc Sicilian intediri   View Word  - 5398842
sv Swedish avse   View Word  - 5399265
zt Traditional Chinese 打算   View Word  - 5398780
tb Triestino intender   View Word  - 5398795
uk Ukrainian мати намір   View Word  - 5393846
va Valencian mirar de   View Word  - 5393306
ve Venetian intèndar; aver intenthión   View Word  - 5394205
cy Welsh bwriadu; meddwl; amcanu   View Word  - 5393355
ji Yiddish hobn bedeye; mekhavn zayn; zikh klaybn   View Word  - 5393618
ze Zeneize avei l'intension   View Word  - 5393761
zu Zulu hlosa; khankanya; khanyanga   View Word  - 6241379

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