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[Subject: Generalities]

- To be of different opinions, withhold assent

Translated by: GIANNI GAVIOLI

Translated in 51 languages

it Italian dissentire; divergere; discordare ; contestare; contrastare   View Word  - 5532811
es Spanish disentir   View Word  - 6739800
fr French diverger; être en désaccord   View Word  - 6740191
de German nicht zustimmen; anderer Meinung sein; widersprechen   View Word  - 6741146
ru Russian разногласие   View Word  - 6739845 4986408_n.wav
ar Arabic يعارض   View Word  - 6769753
af Afrikaans verskil (van mening); nie saamstem nie   View Word  - 6740073
sq Albanian mendoj ndryshe   View Word  - 5532813
ao Aragones disentir   View Word  - 6744303
eu Basque bat ez etorri; ados ez egon   View Word  - 6739853
bl Bolognese n èser brîSa d acôrd   View Word  - 6740023
bp Brazilian Portuguese discordar; divergir; diferir; contestar   View Word  - 6740057
br Breton bezañ a-enep; sevel a-enep; pas bezañ a-du   View Word  - 5633971
ct Cosentino unn'essa d'accordo   View Word  - 6913092
hr Croatian ne slagati (se)   View Word  - 6740316
cs Czech nesouhlasit; být jiného názoru   View Word  - 6741283
da Danish være uenig   View Word  - 6740399
nl Dutch afwijzen   View Word  - 6739929
dt Dzoratâi pas ître d'accoo   View Word  - 6925889
eo Esperanto malkonsenti; malakordi   View Word  - 6739855
et Estonian eriarvamusel olema   View Word  - 6740321
fi Finnish ajatella toisin; olla eri mieltä   View Word  - 6739887
fu Furlan dissentî   View Word  - 6753909
gl Galician disentir   View Word  - 6744660
gn Guarani jejoavy; jekopyty’ỹ   View Word  - 5479492
he Hebrew חלוקי דעות; עימות - IMUT   View Word  - 6739896
hu Hungarian eltér a véleménye ; nem ért egyet   View Word  - 6740193
ld Judeo-spanish diferir,pensar diferentemente   View Word  - 6743578
ko Korean 이견/이의   View Word  - 6739934
la Latin dissentire   View Word  - 6740702
lv Latvian domstarpība   View Word  - 6740436
le Leonese disentire   View Word  - 6739925
mp Mapunzugun yewnon   View Word  - 5181978 5181978_n.wav
md Mudnés n'êser brîsa d'acôrd   View Word  - 6741122
pd Paduan dissentire   View Word  - 6740855
pp Papiamentu rechasá   View Word  - 6740241
fa Persian اختلاف عقيده داشتن   View Word  - 4691211
pl Polish mieć odmienne zdanie   View Word  - 6740381
pt Portuguese discordar   View Word  - 6740079
pe Praiese dissentì   View Word  - 6740202
ro Romanian nu fi de acord   View Word  - 6740678
sr Serbian неслагање; разликовати се; не слагати се; разилажење   View Word  - 6740255
tn Setswana ganela   View Word  - 6220235
zt Traditional Chinese 不同意; 不一致; 不同   View Word  - 6761289
tr Turkish anlaşmazlık; ayrılık; farklı düşüncede olmak   View Word  - 6742355
um Umbro-sabino déssentì, cùntestà   View Word  - 6913179
ve Venetian no èser d'acordo   View Word  - 6742736
cy Welsh anghytuno   View Word  - 5633964
xh Xhosa ngavani   View Word  - 6238409
zu Zulu ngavumi   View Word  - 6224609

- express opposition to the statement of somebody ; assert the opposite

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 11 languages

[Subject: Political Science]

- Separated from a doctrine, belief or behavior

Translated by: SYLVIA VERGARA

Translated in 4 languages


Translated in 3 languages

it Italian disconvenire   View Word  - 2422966
la Latin dedecere   View Word  - 5039619

[Subject: Data Processing - Windows]

Translated in 3 languages

[Subject: Law]

Translated in 2 languages

es Spanish desavenirse   View Word  - 1667510

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