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Translated by: LIBERTA ROSARIO

Translated in 43 languages

en English all history is contemporary history   View Word  - 6809272
it Italian ogni storia è storia contemporanea - Benedetto Croce   View Word  - 6809179
es Spanish cada historia es historia contemporánea   View Word  - 6809192
fr French toute histoire est histoire contemporaine   View Word  - 6814321
de German jede Geschichte ist Geschichte der Gegenwart   View Word  - 6814883
ru Russian вся история – это современная история   View Word  - 6809514
ar Arabic التاريخ كله تاريخ معاصر   View Word  - 6911571
af Afrikaans alle geskiedenis is eietydse geskiedenis   View Word  - 6809495
ao Aragones cada istoria ye istoria contemporanea   View Word  - 6815178
eu Basque historia oro da historia garaikide   View Word  - 6809451
bl Bolognese tótti äl stôri äli én stôri di nûster ténp   View Word  - 6817519
bp Brazilian Portuguese toda história é história contemporânea   View Word  - 6809517
br Breton istor a-vremañ eo pep istor   View Word  - 6809690
ct Cosentino ogne storia è storia contemporanea   View Word  - 6809655
hr Croatian sva povijest je suvremena povijest   View Word  - 6809552
cs Czech veškeré dějiny jsou dějiny současnosti   View Word  - 6809448
da Danish al historie er nutidshistorie   View Word  - 6809499
nl Dutch alle geschiedenis is eigentijdse geschiedenis   View Word  - 6809486
dt Dzoratâi l'histoire l'è adî histoire dâo dzo de vouâi   View Word  - 6962243
eo Esperanto ĉiu historio estas samtempa historio   View Word  - 6809539
et Estonian iga ajalugu on kaasaja ajalugu   View Word  - 6809748
fi Finnish koko historia on nykyhistoriaa   View Word  - 6811318
gl Galician cada historia é historia contemporánea   View Word  - 6809723
gr Griko Salentino passo storia ene storia apo sìmmeri   View Word  - 6809785
he Hebrew כל היסטוריה הינה היסטוריה עכשווית   View Word  - 6809846
hu Hungarian minden történelem kortárs történelem   View Word  - 6809842
ld Judeo-spanish kada estoria es estoria kontemporanea   View Word  - 6811831
ko Korean 모든 역사는 현대 역사이다   View Word  - 6809468
la Latin omnis historia rerum gestarum eodem tempore fit   View Word  - 6810747
lv Latvian visa vēsture ir mūslaiku vēsture   View Word  - 6811119
le Leonese toda historia yía historia contemporania   View Word  - 6809544
lx Luxembourgish all Geschicht as d'Geschicht vun der Aktualiteit   View Word  - 6818112
md Mudnés tòtta la stôria l'è stôria dal dé d'incô   View Word  - 6811849
pd Paduan ogni storia xé storia contemporanea   View Word  - 6814843
pl Polish każda historia jest historią teraźniejszości   View Word  - 6816873
pt Portuguese toda a história é história contemporânea   View Word  - 6813497
pe Praiese ogni storia è storia contemporanea   View Word  - 6809480
ra Roman ogni storia è storia contemporanea   View Word  - 6814374
ro Romanian fiecare istorie este istorie contemporană   View Word  - 6809559
sr Serbian сва историја је савремена историја   View Word  - 6809890
ve Venetian tuta ła storia ła xe storia contenporànea   View Word  - 6809782
cy Welsh hanes cyfoes yw pob hanes   View Word  - 6809687

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